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exceptional customer service

InsuranceNet is committed to the highest standards of service to our clientele, including competitive pricing and stable markets.

Your Hometown Choice

We’re proud of our local community, and we support Wharton, Texas sports, schools, and organizations. Shop local!

Expansive Network

We’ve spent years building connections and networks to get you the best solutions at the right price.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our agents work tirelessly to stay on top of trends, earn certifications, and find answers to all your questions.

Custom Solutions

It takes a lot to stump us. Let us work on a custom insurance solution for your family or business.

Our History

From Roots to Resilience: The Story of Insurance Net

In 1996, a remarkable transformation occurred in Wharton, Texas, as three venerable insurance agencies came together, laying the foundation for what we now know as Insurance Net. This momentous merger united the legacies of Worthing Insurance Agency (established in 1925), McElroy/Hill Company (born in 1973), and Sweeney Insurance Agency (a fixture since 1958). Thus, the stage was set for a new chapter in the annals of insurance excellence.

Insurance Net stands as a beacon of independence in the realm of insurance, offering a diverse array of coverage including property and casualty, life, and health insurance. Our unwavering commitment to top-tier service has made us synonymous with competitive pricing and steadfast markets. Our journey has led us to specialize in a range of niche markets, extending our protective umbrella over hotels, motels, restaurants, the oil and gas industry, schools, nurserymen, and churches.

Proudly affiliated with the Combined Agents of America (CCA), Trusted Choice, and the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT), Insurance Net, Inc. is more than an agency – it’s a trusted partner in safeguarding your future. Our evolution from the merger of these legendary agencies has empowered us to provide you with unparalleled coverage at the best price, standing as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding your peace of mind.

Our team

Melanie Carlson

Agent – Personal Lines

Cynthia Ivy

Business Manager

Christina Smith

Commercial Lines Customer Service Rep

Nicole Orsak

Commercial Lines Customer Service Rep

Jim Worthing


David Carlson


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