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What Does CAA, IIAT, and Trusted Choice Mean?

Our website, advertisements, company history, and signage all bear mention of our affiliations. Not everyone knows what they stand for, so we wanted to take the time to explain these credentials to you. Combined Agents of America (CAA) Combined Agents of America became a reality after a period of brain-storming in 1997 among several independent…
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InsuranceNet – Learning in San Marcos

Our agents are always striving to better themselves through education, experience, and research. Recently, our team attended the Small Agency Conference for IIAT in San Marcos, TX.   We took notes on how we can better network and use resources we have available to better serve our customers! Looking forward to the next event.
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Good for Business: Reducing Workplace Injuries

For small business owners, a workplace injury can be devastating. While workers compensation may take care of a lot of the obvious and upfront costs incurred by the employee, the business is left to absorb costs associated with reduced productivity, overtime, training replacements, etc. Because there can be many hidden costs associated with a workplace…
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After The Flood: A Post-Event Checklist

Do you know what to do before, during, and after a flood event? Leading up to a weather event like Hurricane Patricia, the media is quick to cover how to be prepared and what to do to stay safe during the storm. What many of these groups fail to do is let viewers know what…
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